Multi-Purpose Calming Floral Tonic

This potion will leave your kitchen smelling magical. A mix of some of my favourite flowers; chamomile, rose and lavender. I first made this as something to sip on in search of some calming vibes and then quickly realised the powers of these particular ingredients would also work wonders on your skin. I love creating things that nourish in my kitchen and it doesn’t stop at just food and drink. This tonic doubles as a lovely floral toner. Perfect for spritzing or sweeping onto your skin pre-moisturiser.

Rose, chamomile and lavender are all known for their soothing benefits; internally and externally. Even just the fragrance of this mixture will send a wave of calm over you. Trust me. I think that smell plays an incredibly important role in how we feel. Aromatherapy is something I truly believe in and, whilst these may not be essential oils they are the real deal.

We are experiencing a little heat wave right now so this is perfect to soothe any skin that has had a little too much sun exposure (remember to wear your SPF!!). Rose has anti-inflammatory properties and feels incredibly cooling on the skin, ideal for those sunny days!

Multi-Purpose Calming Floral Tonic

2 tbsp chamomile flowers

1 tbsp dried lavender buds

1 1/2 dried rose petals

1 tbsp lemon juice

4 hot water

optional – 1 tbsp raw honey


Add all the ingredients to either a jar or a tea-pot and let brew for approx. 5 minutes. These flowers can be quite strong in flavour so adjust accordingly. If you are just wanting to use this as a toner then let brew for longer. Strain before serving. Can be enjoyed hot like a mug of herbal tea or cold over ice and mixed with some sparkling water.

To use as a toner you can transfer to a spritzing bottle to give a fresh, cooling spray on your face or simply use some on a cotton ball and sweep over face to remove the dirt of the day.

Store in the fridge to keep fresh and cool (for up to a week), especially nice on your tired skin!

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