Intentions over Resolutions

It seems safe to say that with a new year approaching most people either have the notion to start afresh, find a sense of renewal or do some transformative work in their life in the coming months. The last five years or so I’ve favoured creating intentions for the year rather than setting any resolutions or goals. Intentions to enhance my life rather than resolutions that restrict. A kinder, more gentle way of calling in and setting in motion what I would like the year to have in store for me.

Don’t let anybody or anything force on you the idea that come January you must start restricting yourself and omitting things from your life in a strict way. This usually leads to disappointment and guilt if we can’t stick to the ‘rules’ we have laid before ourselves. Restriction has negative connotations and focuses in on what you are denying yourself. Think about 2018 and what you would like to manifest in that space. What factors and elements will help you achieve this?

Finding my feet and getting grounded in the new energy at the beginning of each year always takes a little extra time for me. I’m very sensitive to change. Practices that help me focus on moving forward into this new space and embracing it’s fresh energy are meditation, tea rituals, movement practice and journaling. These things always bring my focus to the present moment; how am I feeling and what needs to be done?

Some elements I would like to embrace and embody throughout this coming year are; passion, intuition, authenticity, creativity, love and connection. Each decision I make I will try to do so knowing that it will either bring me closer or further away from being my authentic self. What are you calling in to this new space?

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