Cacao Energy Bites

It truly feels like winter right now. We are set to experience temperatures peaking at -2 over this weekend, I’m sipping spicy chai daily, blankets are all over the flat and I’m constantly looking out of the window to see if any snow has fallen yet. The recipe I’m offering you today is one that is great for gifting as well as keeping up your own energy levels as things get busier towards the holidays. I usually make the gifts I give my loved ones at Christmas and truffles or bites like these usually end up in the mix somewhere. They are simple to make and keep in the freezer until you need to pop one in your mouth (I would suggest waiting 5 minutes until it’s softened a little but we don’t always posses the patience when things taste this good) or until you want to place them in a little box with some ribbon for gifting.

The sun is starting to set about 3pm at the moment so trying to get some acceptable shots of these bites felt like a race against time. They are a little soft, fuzzy and moody but I like them. After I cleared up I took myself to my bedroom for a little quiet moment to meditate and feel grounded. There was the most beautiful pale lavender light coming in through the window as the sun went down and it felt incredibly soothing.

Cacao Energy Bites

makes approx. 8-10 bites


1 cup medjool dates (pitted)

1 cup nuts (I used half cashews and half almonds)

3 tbsp raw organic cacao powder

2 tbsp nut butter (I used cashew)

1 1/2 tbsp organic maca powder – optional

1/2 tbsp organic lucuma powder – optional

1 tbsp coconut oil (softened)

1 tbsp maple syrup – optional

1 tsp vanilla


In a food processor add your dates and pulse until they break down and form a ball. Remove the ball and place aside in a small bowl. Add the nuts to the food processor and pulse until the have broken down slightly (but not into a fine meal). Add the cacao powder (and maca and lucuma if using) and pulse a few times. Add the rest of your ingredients and blend until a unified dough forms (it will most likely form a ball again). Scoop the mixture out and roll into balls. Place on a plate or in a container, keep in the fridge or freezer. I tend to keep them in the freezer and take one out and let it soften as I make a cup of tea.

The maca and lucuma are totally optional but I would recommend them for taste and health benefits. Maca has a butterscotch-like taste and may help improve energy, libido and general well being as it is naturally high in many minerals (iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium and more). You can read more about the benefits of maca here. Lucuma has a sweet taste, is also full of nutrients and may be anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory (you can read more about lucuma here).


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