Demystifying Wellness – five simple practices

Wellness can seem like a fixed state. One that we should work towards tirelessly and once we achieve it, we become well for life. I don’t believe that is the truth at all. Wellness is a journey. It’s a process. It fluctuates. Every choice we make affects our wellness in some way – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

January can cause a lot of blues. In fact, today is known as ‘Blue Monday’. This new space we have entered into, usually with high hopes and occasionally unrealistic expectations, can quickly turn negative in a short couple of weeks. Resolutions that were made may have been broken and in the place of positive determination we find that guilt has quickly moved on in. The thing is, we can make the decision to make positive choices regarding our wellness at any time. We don’t need a specific date, a new moon or the perfect crystal to begin to cultivate change in our lives (although, they may be helpful enhancers).


These practices might seem overly simple and you have possibly heard them countless times but there is a reason for that; they are effective.


i – connect with your breath.

Connecting with your breath brings you into the present moment, it calms anxiety and helps you focus. It’s an incredibly simple way to meditate. Whenever I make the decision to consciously connect with my breath I feel the tension melt out of my body, the negative energy starts to clear and I become more aware of myself and my situation with a calm, focused energy.


ii – create a morning and evening ritual or routine.

Give yourself the opportunity to have the best start and end to your day. Be selfish and take some time to focus on only you and what you need to get going/wind down. Your ritual or routine does not need to look like anybody else’s or follow any specific guidelines. You create whatever works best for you – meditation, yoga, journaling, tea etc. It does not need to follow the same steps and flow every day, it’s natural to change it up depending on how you are feeling (and also with the seasons).


iii – move your body.

I am a huge believer in the power of movement – which isn’t surprising considering what I do, dance. Movement has the ability to change your energy and state of mind. Do whatever feels best for you; dance to some loud music to wake up your body and spirit, do vinyasa yoga to feel the strength flow through your body and get empowered, take a walk or a run through the park and connect with nature, improvise; move however the mood takes you. There are so, so many ways to move our beautiful bodies and we should endeavour to practice this daily because we are so blessed that we can.


iv – eat mindfully.

Eat more plants, cook your food from a place of love and try to limit distractions whilst eating. Preparing food for ourselves and our loved ones must contain some ancient magic. What you put into your body affects it and we have the choice of opting for the positive effects or the negative ones multiple times a day. Eat with the seasons, take the time to enjoy your food and get creative with how you nourish yourself.


v – trust the process.

This is something I am currently meditating on every day. We are where we are in life and the only way we can go is forward. Whatever has brought us to this point is done. We cannot change it. What we can do is learn from it, grow from it and take our experience with us. Good people are not perfect people; they are souls who want to better themselves and this world from what they have learned. Trusting the process of life (or god or the universe or whatever it may be for you) can give us the confidence to move closer to being our authentic self. Peeling back the layers society has painted onto us and stepping into our truth is powerful, trust in it.


When it comes to wellness there really isn’t a singular answer. Each body, mind and spirit is different and we should honour that. Do what is best for you, not for somebody else. You know yourself better than anyone, trust your intuition and start creating positive change.


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