Almond & Coconut Milk

The past week I’ve been trying my best to be as present and focused on the moment as I can. I have acute anxiety and recently things have felt extremely uncertain which leaves me functioning mainly on racing, negative thoughts and not much else. One thing that can be extremely frustrating when my mind goes down like this is that I can still hear my rational voice. It’s asking me, begging me to make a positive decision, exhibit some positive behaviour. But when you have a mind read more

Coconut Butter Turmeric Chai

A grounding, warming and earthy drink with a little kiss of sweetness to chill you out. That’s what this turmeric chai potion does for me.

Today has been spent writing and planning. It’s incredibly easy for me to get too caught up in what I’m doing, thinking far ahead and feeling like my energy is thinning out and up way too high. When this happens it becomes normal that I will forget to eat, time rushes past without my noticing and suddenly I feel worn out, emotionally and read more

Earl Grey Latte

I made this warming drink this morning to comfort my tired body and mind. It’s smooth and frothy, bright and floral, delicate and sweet.

Do you ever experience night time blues? That’s not the proper terminology but it’s what I call it. This particularly heavy wave of melancholy that hits when it reaches about 8/9pm almost every night. I’ve never been a good sleeper. For as long as I can remember I’ve had trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and all too frequent read more

Rose Chai Latte with Tahini

Scorpio season begins tomorrow and we had a new moon in Libra on Thursday night. I’m feeling a lot of different energy right now. I guess a lot of people don’t believe in the stars and the moon but I do. Maybe because I’m a deeply sensitive person? I’m not sure what it is. All I know is that I canĀ feel it.

The new moon in Libra is ushering in balance, beauty, self-care and intuition. All things I’m definitely needing to focus on. Autumn brings about a real sense read more

My Good Vibes Drink

Summer is starting to wind down. Leaves are turning and there’s a lot more rain, although I feel like here in Dundee we got more than our fair share of summer downpours and less than sunny days. I do love summer but winter is my favourite and I can feel it creeping closer. I want an end to the constant mugginess and can’t wait for those brighter than bright, super cold, fresh mornings. I definitely associate those kind mornings with my walk to the studio at the dance school I read more