Demystifying Wellness – five simple practices

Wellness can seem like a fixed state. One that we should work towards tirelessly and once we achieve it, we become well for life. I don’t believe that is the truth at all. Wellness is a journey. It’s a process. It fluctuates. Every choice we make affects our wellness in some way – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

January can cause a lot of blues. In fact, today is known as ‘Blue Monday’. This new space we have entered into, usually with high hopes and read more

Intentions over Resolutions

It seems safe to say that with a new year approaching most people either have the notion to start afresh, find a sense of renewal or do some transformative work in their life in the coming months. The last five years or so I’ve favoured creating intentions for the year rather than setting any resolutions or goals. Intentions to enhance my life rather than resolutions that restrict. A kinder, more gentle way of calling in and setting in motion what I would like the year to have in store read more

Skincare Favourites

Our skin, it’s important. You probably know by now that it’s our body’s biggest organ and that we should be taking good care of it. I’ve been using clean, non-toxic, natural products for years and I have a regime that works well for me. However, I do appreciate that every body is different and we need to do what is best for our own body.

I’ve been lucky throughout my 25 (almost 26!!!) years to have skipped any major skin troubles. While some of that may be my read more